Looking for a Labor Day Project?

Let us help.  So many options to update your home with a new look.  A bar top in your kitchen, a custom table for your dining room or an end table in your bedroom perhaps?

As your week at the beach comes to a close and the kids set off to school, what better time to consider a new project for that room you've been planning to remodel?  We've worked with several clients recently that have designed amazing counter tops for their kitchens with white oak and black walnut slabs.  Both involved honing in on a creative vision that was unique to the individual and the space.  

One of the things we love about this business is working with folks that appreciate the journey and admire the character of live edge wood.  Each cut has a story all its own.  And each piece will live in your family longer than you.  Crazy right?

 White oak slabs from our workshop to your kitchen in less than two weeks

White oak slabs from our workshop to your kitchen in less than two weeks

It's been an incredible summer here in Chicago and one we'll never forget.  If we're fortunate enough to host baseball here in the fall, it will be even more memorable.  If you happen to make your way to a Cubs game between now and Halloween, please stop in to see us.  We're a few blocks west on North Ashland Ave!  

Last, if we don't have the right piece in our gallery, we will make sure to find or fabricate the one you want.  Plus we're always available for appointments if you're not able to join us on the weekends!


Live Edge Chicago