New Year, New Methods

Live Edge Chicago is happy to announce we are bringing on a new technology to better bridge our gallery to our customers: MintGood!  By going to, you can chat directly to our salesperson Milan, as well as walk through the gallery, all from your home. 

One of our partners at Live Edge happens to be very good friends with the entrepreneurs that are building out the concept for MintGood.  The idea is fascinating.  It is a technology platform that leverages Live Streaming and Video Chat to connect consumers at home with passionate retailers through live video chat.  This allows consumers to tour new products, gain advice and purchase items.  They are breaking down the geographic barriers that exist for Brick & Mortar Stores and providing them a path forward in an age where commerce is being dominated by eCommerce-only companies like Amazon.  And the Live Edge Chicago gallery will be a proving ground for bringing more curious clients to our space via the web.  

We will continue to welcome our friends in the art and design community to visit us in the space and we certainly have not thrown our last party!  Keep coming to us with any inquires regarding Live Edge furniture or photography - we are only a call, email or click away.  

Thank you all for a great start to 2017 and stay tuned for more from our friends at Mintgood!

- The Live Edge Crew