Hosting a Party in Your New Home?

As Super Bowl 52 approaches, the thought of friends and family gathering in kitchens and living rooms across America is front of mind.  Few occasions are as exciting as the final Sunday of the football season.  Whether you are a fan of the game or not, the tradition is a special one each year.  And if you're hosting this year, why hover around a table that you was delivered in a box and took 4 hours to put together when you could have a custom table handcrafted exactly how you want it? 

The question we ask ourselves all the time is this:  Of all the furniture in your home, which piece, if replaced or enhanced, would bring the most life to your home?  Sure the couch or your bed would be nice to upgrade.  And yes, new art to hang on the wall is great on the eyes (we have options there too if you're interested).  But for our money, nothing stands out more than a custom-made, multi-generational LIVE EDGE table!  

This one is for sale at our showroom now.  At over ten feet, it would host up to 14 people for dinner and would serve as a perfect centerpiece for snacks and drinks this Sunday. 


Check out our website or our Instagram page and let us know if something catches your eye.  Frankly, search online for "Live Edge" and if you find an image that sparks your interest.  We have tons of kiln-dried slabs of every species of wood available.  And we're happy to consult on any ideas you have for your home.  Thank you!

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Have a fun Super Bowl weekend!


Jay Nolan