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We grew up in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania, home of some of the best hardwoods in the U.S. and the former lumber capital of the world.  From forest to showroom, our trees are logged, cut, milled and dried, first naturally then in a kiln. Each slab is then crafted by hand and carefully finished, revealing the luscious texture, color and patina for which the best live edge cuts are known. 

100% salvaged wood

Our furniture is proudly made from trees harvested sustainably in the U.S., meaning we are not importing our products or materials from corporate foresting groups operating in foreign markets.  Often, the wood used in our furniture comes from a single tree in a private yard or a public park.  Each tree has a beauty all its own on the outside, and importantly for those of us that fabricate with wood, on the inside as well.  


3633 N Ashland Ave, Chicago IL, 60613

Open by appointment only.  

Please EMAIL us at info@liveedgechicago.com or CALL us @ 312.884.9411