New to Live Edge! Our Farmhouse Collection and Custom Barn Doors

Every few months, we are fortunate to meet new artists that blow us away.  This summer, we made friends with a group from Chicago that will be showing now their amazing work at our gallery.  They are experts in selecting great slabs for unique projects and are our go-to supplier for barn doors, which clients are using for bathrooms and bedroom redesigns.  

And below, see a sample from Mary Carol's incredible new collection from a series she completed while in Iowa visiting family and friends.  The gallery is filled up with great new photography and as always, an energy that we've been told is contagious!  Come experience it with us.   


Custom barn doors for around $1,500!

Photography by Mary Carol Fitzgerald for as little as $495!

Announcing our Summer Event - August 4th!

When a work lifts your spirits and inspires bold and noble thoughts in you, do not look for any other standard to judge by: the work is good, the product of a master craftsman.
— Jean de la Bruyere

Hello friends!  We want everyone to know that Live Edge Chicago is hosting our Summer Event on Friday, August 4th, from 6 to 10pm at our gallery in Lakeview (3633 North Ashland Ave) and would love to have you join us!  We'll have wine and hors d'oeuvres and we promise, an amazing group of people with whom to share a Chicago evening.  The Cubs have a day game too so feel free to stop in after!  

This fine Fourth of July, we also celebrate America and amazing design.   Whether the medium is wood, metal, canvas or film, all artists are craftsmen in their unique way of combining vision and skill.  For those of us who tinker and toile from time to time, there is a feeling of inspiration when in the presence of a truly breathtaking design that honors all of the true artists out there. But that feeling also keeps us going.  Willingness to learn and engage and try new things is the core of American creativity and something that Live Edge Chicago and its partners believe in strongly.  

We are blessed to have an amazing group of contributing craftsmen and artists to our gallery and are excited about the prospect of adding a few new folks to our line-up.  For all of you that have artists or friends that are passionate about their work and looking for space to share their creative expressions, feel free to contact us at anytime.  

Thank you and have a safe and healthy Independence Day!

In the spirit of American freedom, we borrowed this pic from a friend of Live Edge's collection of wooden sculptures.  This life size eagle, while not for sale, was crafted from salvaged American trees!

In the spirit of American freedom, we borrowed this pic from a friend of Live Edge's collection of wooden sculptures.  This life size eagle, while not for sale, was crafted from salvaged American trees!

Celebrating Amazing Artists and Design this week at Live Edge!

The Live Edge crew is very excited about hosting our Designer Event this Thursday, March 23rd from 6-9pm.  Its been less than a year since we opened and our team has been very fortunate to put together an incredible set of events to promote some of the most talented artists we know.  

Because of these artists and the efforts of many friends and family, we were awarded the Best Art & Design Collective by Modern Luxury's CS Interiors.  Please come by to celebrate with us and see some of our new work on Thursday!!

Also, please see our very own Mary Carol Fitzgerald's newest collection below.  We will feature some of her new work at the event, as well as the rest of the spring.

And not to be overlooked, remember to think of us a resource for any live edge furniture or reclaimed wood projects that you or your design team are considering.  Thanks again all!


New Year, New Methods

Live Edge Chicago is happy to announce we are bringing on a new technology to better bridge our gallery to our customers: MintGood!  By going to, you can chat directly to our salesperson Milan, as well as walk through the gallery, all from your home. 

One of our partners at Live Edge happens to be very good friends with the entrepreneurs that are building out the concept for MintGood.  The idea is fascinating.  It is a technology platform that leverages Live Streaming and Video Chat to connect consumers at home with passionate retailers through live video chat.  This allows consumers to tour new products, gain advice and purchase items.  They are breaking down the geographic barriers that exist for Brick & Mortar Stores and providing them a path forward in an age where commerce is being dominated by eCommerce-only companies like Amazon.  And the Live Edge Chicago gallery will be a proving ground for bringing more curious clients to our space via the web.  

We will continue to welcome our friends in the art and design community to visit us in the space and we certainly have not thrown our last party!  Keep coming to us with any inquires regarding Live Edge furniture or photography - we are only a call, email or click away.  

Thank you all for a great start to 2017 and stay tuned for more from our friends at Mintgood!

- The Live Edge Crew

Holiday Sale & Celebration - December 3rd!

Kick off the holiday season by stopping by Live Edge Chicago’s Open House! Furniture items and select artwork will be on sale all day long.

As always, snacks and refreshments will be provided.  

Don’t miss your chance to give your loved ones a unique and timeless gift they can treasure forever.

Mary Carol will have her work on sale, including her coastal collection and this image of the Chicago Skyline, available for all.  Image this piece above your mantel!

Cali_OB-Rise_IMG_1207_24x36_WatercolorBorder_LOGO_180dpi (1).jpg

This original photo of the Rolling Stones from 1978 taken by our friend Mitchell Canoff here in Chicago will be 50% off!  

Open House @ Live Edge - THIS WEEKEND!

All residents of Lakeview, Southport, Roscoe Village and beyond.. please stop by Live Edge this weekend for a Cubs World Series celebratory Open House.  All furniture items will be on SALE (10-20%) all weekend long.  

We have a full fridge and plenty of snacks, along with great music and energy to accompany the amazing artwork of our community of artists and Live Edge furniture curators.  

Finally, with the Cubs hosting games 3-4-5 at nearby Wrigley Field, what better way to enjoy our hometown team that to spend some time seeing the sights of one of the best neighborhoods in the city.  

Can't wait to see you!  

October 14th Event & Chicago Cubs Baseball

Get in the spirit!  It's October and Lakeview is the place to be in Chicago.  That means another Live Edge Chicago showcase AND Cubs baseball! 

Come see us next Friday, October 14th for a celebration of our new artists, our beloved Cubs and the end of an incredible summer!  We're going to have friends and artists at the gallery from 6-10pm.  And we'll have plenty of free drinks.  If the Cubs are in game 5 (doubt it), then Live Edge will be a perfect spot for your pre-game festivities!

Feel Free to RSVP here!

I'm very excited to share the new work of our friends Roman Maliszewski and Leilani B'Smith this week as well. Roman is the owner of the soon-to-be opened, Tapster, in Wicker Park and Leilani is a local rockstar.  Check out some of their pieces!  

As always we're available to show the gallery by appointment and would be happy to work with you or your designer on any project.  Last, all prices on Live Edge furniture are negotiable! 

Much love,

The LEC Crew


Showcasing New Artists at Live Edge!

We are very proud to present three new artists at the gallery this month and next!  Through October, we will have the work of Bill Bartelt ( and Mark McMahon ( on our walls opposite photographer, Mary Carol Fitzgerald (   Bill and Mark are both well known for their water color and giclee prints, respectively.  We also have the work of Misa Art ( who uses metal and wood to harness her creative energy and Mitchell Canoff, a Chicago legend's photography ( Their pieces compliment Mary Carol's cityscapes and coastal collection while our live edge furniture is the hallmark of the gallery.

Whether you're in search of a once-in-a-lifetime table or countertop, or authentic artwork or photography, Live Edge Chicago offers what you won't find elsewhere in this great city.  We are proud to bring our favorite work to the Lakeview neighborhood and will be more than happy to host you at an event or for an exclusive showing.

Sincere thanks to Francis Son for his incredible photography at our CS Magazine release party (  

CS Launch Party

Live Edge Chicago is thrilled to announce the official release party for Modern Luxury:  The Source.  What an opportunity to be showcased in the upcoming CS insert - hitting news stands this week!  To celebrate, we're hosting all artists and high end furniture enthusiasts to our gallery on September 9th.  We will have live music (of course) and drinks and snacks. Can't wait to see you there!

Looking for a Labor Day Project?

Let us help.  So many options to update your home with a new look.  A bar top in your kitchen, a custom table for your dining room or an end table in your bedroom perhaps?

As your week at the beach comes to a close and the kids set off to school, what better time to consider a new project for that room you've been planning to remodel?  We've worked with several clients recently that have designed amazing counter tops for their kitchens with white oak and black walnut slabs.  Both involved honing in on a creative vision that was unique to the individual and the space.  

One of the things we love about this business is working with folks that appreciate the journey and admire the character of live edge wood.  Each cut has a story all its own.  And each piece will live in your family longer than you.  Crazy right?

White oak slabs from our workshop to your kitchen in less than two weeks

White oak slabs from our workshop to your kitchen in less than two weeks

It's been an incredible summer here in Chicago and one we'll never forget.  If we're fortunate enough to host baseball here in the fall, it will be even more memorable.  If you happen to make your way to a Cubs game between now and Halloween, please stop in to see us.  We're a few blocks west on North Ashland Ave!  

Last, if we don't have the right piece in our gallery, we will make sure to find or fabricate the one you want.  Plus we're always available for appointments if you're not able to join us on the weekends!


Live Edge Chicago

Exclusive Designer Event

We are new curators thrilled with the opportunity to bring beautiful and authentic work to the art & furniture community of Chicago.  Join us to see extraordinary live edge furniture and inspiring photography work of Mary Carol Fitzgerald and Mitchell Canoff.  

In addition to great music, wine and snacks, we will be giving away several pieces in a free live drawing. 

Bring it July!

Not many places on earth better than Chicago in July, especially for an extended 4th of July weekend.  The friends of Live Edge are here to embrace it as always.  

Today we honor Independence at Live Edge Chicago with a nod toward all those that came before us.  The woodsmen, the craftsmen, the artisans, the photographers and the gallerists.  To surround yourself with nature and never before seen photos of the Chicago skyline, the Pacific coastline, Death Valley, and rock icons like Mic & Keith feels prettay prettay good (kudos Larry David).  We have much to be thankful for and many to celebrate this weekend.  

For the orphans of the east coast, don't forget to send love with the wind to your families back home.  To our partners and loved ones in PA, we look to you first.  Cheers!  The best weekends always go by too fast.  Make this one count!  

We dare you to find better looking authentic pieces in Chicago.  

We dare you to find better looking authentic pieces in Chicago.  

Back to the wood.. so a common question we've received goes along the lines of "Where am I going to fit this piece in my home?"  For those of us with small apartments or condos, live edge can be a tough match and we get it.  Luckily, one of the specialties of our craftsmen is custom coffee tables.  So if you like what you see but may need something with more cozy dimensions, we're here to find solutions.  Also, none of the prices on our pieces are set in stone, particularly those where bases have yet to be fitted (or possibly designed).  

You + Your Couch + Solomon Jr (this coffee table - named after a grandfather I never met) + a bottle of red + maybe a fireplace = good livin'

You + Your Couch + Solomon Jr (this coffee table - named after a grandfather I never met) + a bottle of red + maybe a fireplace = good livin'

Last, we hope that you love what we've brought to the city of Chicago and the world of rustic modern furniture online.  Feel free to send us any thoughts or questions you have on any of our pieces.  Have a safe and festive Independence weekend!  

The Live Edge Chicago crew 

Live Edge, Wrigley & Phish

Chicago Summer Done Right!

Big day here at Live Edge Chicago!  Not only is the our first ever blog entry, it also happens to coincide with our first project & delivery completed for a new restaurant here in Chicago.  Check out Ema located on Illinois and Clark opening next week!  

Very exciting to be partnered with some of the most amazing artists and co-brainstormistas in this vibrant city. To name a few:  

Mary Carol Fitzergerald ( has been the energy behind our events and ideas since day one.  So happy to call her a friend and partner!

Soon-to-be restauranteur, Roman Maliszewski basically lead the build out of the Live Edge space and affords us his creative juices when he's not planning the first ever serve-your-own beer location in Chicago.   Appropriately named, "Tapster", the bar will open sometime this fall in Wicker Park.  

Huge thanks to you both!

Tonight, we celebrate great music in one of Chicago's iconic neighborhoods as Phish descends on Wrigley Field for the second of their 2 night set.  The weather couldn't be better and the group we're starting our evening with is a lively crowd..

We're open on the weekends here at the gallery and by appointment anytime.  Feel free to ping us online and let us know your thoughts!


Live Edge Chicago

Hotter than hell outside, always cool as a popsicle inside the gallery!

Hotter than hell outside, always cool as a popsicle inside the gallery!

Root Down.  second favorite beastie boys song.  amongst the favorite pieces at LEC. 

Root Down.  second favorite beastie boys song.  amongst the favorite pieces at LEC.